Strategent Group

Meet our team...


Tea Giacomelli - Managing Director

Tea has over 12 years of experience in recruiting within large international corporate companies, as well as boutique and start-up firms in the Hawaii and metro mainland markets. Tea specializes in building and developing recruitment teams, process improvement, implementations, business development and business strategy. Prior to recruiting she spent 8 years in Business Operations Management and Accounting. Her experience and educational background in Business and Psychology, affords her a strong understanding of company internal operations.


Maggie Eslava - Regional Manager

Maggie has over 15 years of Marketing, Sales and Operational Management experience with large corporate organizations throughout the country. Maggie’s leadership and employee development experience provides her the ability to identify strengths in candidates, to position them for success. Her 10 years managing departments afforded her real-world experience in the hiring challenges that managers face.



Sunnie Edwards - Recruiting Manager

Sunnie brings over 11 years of Sales, Administrative, and Management experience in the Hospitality, Bio Tech, Real Estate and Legal industries. She has worked for large corporate organizations and is also a local business owner. Her broad industry experience in project management, human resources, business development and legal allows her to understand and identify the needs of companies across various industries. Sunnie was born and raised in Hawai’i and is passionate about placing a high focus on the local community and helping Hawaii's workforce progress. Understanding the  balance between the local community and the necessity for innovative process assists her in implementing strategic solutions that are the right fit Strategent’s diverse list of clients.